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Affiliate Marketing CHAMP Odi Productions 2020 Great Course

Enrolled: 856 students
Duration: 13 hours
Lectures: 12
Video: 9 hours
Level: Advanced


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Affiliate Marketing Champ

Affiliate Marketing CHAMP by ODi Productions (Course Overview)

Who is the Creator of Affiliate Marketing Champ?

The creator of the Affiliate Marketing Champ course is Odi.

I found Odi on Youtube when I was learning more about affiliate marketing as another stream of income.

You will see Odi wearing expensive clothing and showing off his cars in his YouTube videos and his websites.

I guess its part of a marketing strategy similar to other YouTube gurus. Now his ads are spamming my Facebook feed.

However, Odi does provide great content and consistently uploads new videos on his Youtube channel.

I’m positive he models his business similar to other internet marketers out there like Tai Lopez.

The ONLY Affiliate Marketing Course You Will EVER Need.

What You Learn with Affiliate Marketing Champ

This is the basis of affiliate marketing explained.

  1. Pick a niche (Choose something you like or at least can stand reading/writing about often)
  2. Setting up domain & hosting
  3. Installing WordPress & Build it out
  4. Signing up on affiliate programs or CPA networks (Odi has done a lot of Amazon.com associates)
  5. Writing or Buying Content to put on the site
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  7. Promoting on social media

That’s pretty much it.

Judging from the SEO skills that ODi teaches, I believe you’ll be able to build some sites that can generate $500 to $2000 per month, but these kinds of sites will take at least 1 year to rank in the current state of things in 2020.

Now to build a site that does $10K or more, you’ll need much higher level SEO skills and you’re gonna have to cough up quite a bit of dough for it.

Odi likes to show his fancy cars & other material possessions on youtube but I’m willing to bet most of his online income comes from selling his courses at this point.

And I would say he deserves it because he’s exercising skills most don’t have and he’s willing to put himself out there and do things most aren’t willing to do.

Such as making entertaining & informative videos on youtube consistently, he knows how to be informative, entertaining & charismatic on camera, he knows how to sell the dream, how to properly place psychological triggers in his videos (cars, house, etc) & write content that influence people to buy, & he’s consistently delivering high value on youtube or building his affiliate course.

Some of his youtube videos have over 1 million views and its been out for less than half a year.

in Affiliate Marketing Champ he teaches that he can monetize this traffic in multiple ways, the most obvious is to sell his affiliate course but as he collects emails he can market to his audience other affiliate products that are pertinent to his content, such as promoting a website builder for example.

You get paid proportionately to how much value you’re delivering to the marketplace.

The point is he is able to generate massive traffic because he knows how to create quality content.

Not slapping together a simple product review site which you bought some cheap content for few bucks on fiverr.com which is what is taught in the course.

I know this because I’ve tried ranking plenty of these types of review sites. Most of them have failed and only few kind of succeeded, it made some money but it was significantly less than what I was expecting or hoping to make for the amount of effort I put into it.

Low-quality sites that target very specific keywords are called sniper sites. It used to work pretty well up until around 2016 when Google came up with their Panda algorithm change. Affiliate Marketing Champ has their own methods.

Now Google mostly rewards big authority sites over sniper sites. So I believe some of these affiliate tactics may not work as well as people in the course is hoping, unfortunately.

Unless you can build a big authority site that gets tons of traffic because you consistently deliver high-value content on it either blog posts or youtube videos, & you sell affiliate products on the backend or you have very high-level SEO skills and you can rank these review sites to page 1. Affiliate Marketing Champ

How the Affiliate Marketing Champ video training is laid out, it may give students the completely wrong expectations on just how challenging affiliate marketing really is.

If you’re thinking about buying ODi Productions Affiliate Marketing Champ you might want to read my review first…

Hi, Darren here.

Today I am going to share with you my honest thoughts on ODI Productions affiliate marketing course. Is it really worth $2000?

To summarise, there are 10 modules in total. Each module has one video averaging about 20 minutes each.

It’s a short course with over $10,000 worth of bonuses self-rated by Affiliate Marketing Champ ODi

Affiliate Marketing Champ

Screenshot 26

Affiliate Marketing Champ Review – What will you learn?

There are 10 modules in this course. I will summarise each module, and give you an idea of what to expect.

Module 1 – My Story: From UCLA Dropout to Dream Life in Just 2 Years

Affiliate Marketing Champ

So the course starts off with Odi introducing himself and talks a bit about his past. He mentions dropping out of college and pursuing his goal of financial freedom. Affiliate Marketing Champ

This goes on for 20 minutes.  I’m going to let you know now, you won’t learn anything from this module so it’s best to skip it.

1 Video – 25:55 Minutes

Module 2 – What is Affiliate Marketing and Why It’s The Best Online Business Today

Affiliate Marketing Champ

In this module, Odi explains what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

I’m pretty sure you know what affiliate marketing is before purchasing any affiliate marketing course.

To summarise, affiliate marketing is promoting a company’s products or services and receiving a commission.

Commissions are based either on a fixed amount (e.g $40 per sale) or a % of a sale (e.g 20% of purchase).

Odi also explains the benefits of Affiliate Marketing Champ

These include:

  • Little to no upfront costs to get you started
  • Don’t have to risk thousands of dollars on inventory that may not sell
  • Don’t have to deal with customer refunds, complains and bad reviews
  • Can be 100% Passive Income
  • Certain tasks can be automated such as email marketing tools
  • More time freedom

1 Video – 6:32 Minutes

Module 3 – The Best Examples of Affiliate Marketing in the Real World

odi module 03

In this module, Odi shows you different methods of making money online. Affiliate Marketing Champ

These methods include:

Youtube – Placing Amazon Associates links in the description, sponsorship with branded links from companies or personalized coupon codes.

Instagram/Facebook – Sponsorship via coupon codes are commonly used on Instagram. Facebook pages niche related are great places to post affiliate links if done correctly.

Authority/Review Websites – Very effective method because people trust authority websites and brands more easily. Personal Blogs

Overall, the presentation could use some images to make the video more engaging.

1 Video – 21:25 Minutes

Module 4 – Step by Step Plan on How to Create a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing Champ
Affiliate Marketing Champ snippet

Odi covers how to:

Pick a niche Affiliate Marketing Champ Method – Picking a niche that you’re either knowledgeable, passionate about or is a pain point (you have the solution for a common problem e.g weightloss, acne etc).

Create a brand – Think long term about your business. People trust brands and authority figures. He recommends getting a logo made from Fiverr.

Starting a Youtube Channel – Youtube is the #2 search engine in the world. Your goal is to rank your videos on the first page for organic traffic. Selling through video converts much better than other media platforms.

Creating a simple website Affiliate Marketing Champ setup – Very brief explanation about using WordPress. This should be a module itself which would be helpful for first-timers.

Applying for affiliate networks – Odi recommends starting with Amazon Associates first because it is the easiest to get into and has the largest product selection.

However, commissions are lower but make up for it in volume since people can checkout with more than one item.

He also talks briefly about other affiliate networks such as MaxBounty, Commission Junction, Clickbank, and ShareaSale.

Finding and researching products to promote – Research what products people are most likely to buy using tools such as Google Keyword Planner. Pick keywords with buyer intent to help you find popular products to promote.

Creating content to promote products – Odi talks about the different methods of promoting products. This can include: Review video on YouTube, Comparison video on YouTube, Review/comparison article, a tutorial video showing how to use the product, Instagram and Facebook posts and videos.

Odi also talks about using paid ads to boost your videos on YouTube and collecting your customer emails using opt-in forms. This might be a bit confusing for people who have just started with affiliate marketing. Showing examples might help with any confusion. Affiliate Marketing Champ Tips and Tricks

1 Video – 42:46 Minutes

Module 5 – The Most Profitable Niches in Affiliate Marketing Revealed

Affiliate Marketing Champ

Odi reveals the best niches to start with affiliate marketing especially if you’re a beginner.

Amazon Associates – Smartphones, Laptops and computers, Tv’s and home theatre and audio equipment such as headphones and bluetooth speakers. All these products can be found using Amazon Associates.

Blogging and Web Services – Use blogs to recommend high-commission digital web services such as hosting and email marketing.

Online Courses – Commissions can be high for big ticket online courses.

Health Supplements/Fitness – Health is an evergreen market and will continue to be profitable. You can grow a following and promote a variety of products such as protein powders, weight loss pills, exercise equipment etc.

Food Blogs and Cooking – You can promote a ton of different products such as blenders, juicers, pressure cookers etc.

Credit Cards/Financial Services – Wealth is another evergreen market. You can refer people to credit cards and other financial services.

Again, you can Google or Youtube to find this information at no cost.

1 Video: 29.38 Mintues

Module 6 – How to Rank on the First Page of Youtube & Google “Top Secret”

odi module 06

Odi provides:

SEO tips given but definitely not a complete guide Takes a lot more to rank than what was said in a 23-minute long video

SEO in itself is a course that should be taught on its own.

Module 7 – This Paid Traffic Source will Turbocharge Your Results

odi module 07

1 Video: 23:16 Minutes

Module 8 – How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website from Scratch in 1 Hour

odi module 08

Odi will show you how to purchase your own domain, hosting and how to setup your website. Very straight forward and easy to follow along. Affiliate Marketing Champ

Odi also talks about OptimizePress which is a landing page plugin for your website. Maybe this should be a separate video.

Module 9 – How to Create a Facebook Ad for Affiliate Marketing

odi module 09

Odi provides an overview of setting up Facebook Ads and explains why he prefers YouTube ads instead. Affiliate Marketing Champ

You can find many tutorials on Facebook ads on Youtube for free.

1 Video: 17:44 Minutes

Module 10 – My Top 5 Mistakes with Affiliate Marketing That I wish I Knew Before

odi module 10

In this module Odi talks about:

Avoiding shiny object syndrome – There are many ways to skin a cat, just like there are many ways to make money online. Choose one that fits your desired lifestyle. You would rather focus on one thing 100% than to divide your focus on multiple things.

Expecting people to buy cold – These days, the average times that a customer encounters your brand before buying is around 7 times. You need to give value first and sell after.

Not investing in paid traffic – Investing into paid traffic helps scale the business quickly. Waiting for organic traffic can take a long time especially if there his high competition.

Analysis Paralysis – Right now you know enough to get started. Research on a problem-by-problem basis, one step at a time. You will get overwhelmed trying to plan the entire business in your head. Break it up into smaller parts.

An Alternative to Seriously Consider

Look, if you want a complete course that kicks ass with over 100 videos, look no farther than Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates.

It is superior in so many more ways and I encourage you to read my review here.

Savage Affiliates is also my #1 rated affiliate marketing course because it’s a complete course and is constantly updated by Franklin. He has MANY videos per module, unlike in Affiliate Marketing Champ.

Best of all, it’s only $197. Don’t be fooled by the low price. It blows away any affiliate marketing course I have seen in a long time and I highly encourage you to get it. There’s also a money back guarantee.

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Starting Course

What Products Sell
14 Minutes

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1. My story from UCLA
2. Here’s Why Affiliate Marketing is the BEST Online Business Today
3. The BEST EXAMPLES of Affiliate Marketing in the Real World
4 Step By Step Plan On How To start successful Affiliate Marketing Business!
6 HOW TO RANK On the
7 THIS Paid Traffic
8 How To create An Affiliating Marketing Website From SCRATCH!
9 How to Create a Affiliating Market
10 My TOP 5 MISTAKES with
11 Copy of My Story
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